Friday, June 4, 2010

Texas Execution

Texas is about to execute a man 32 years after his crime. Many say he has changed for the better. He even wrote a letter to the family of the deceased sounding fully regretful and responsible for his actions. Even police officers speak of the changed character. What should happen? Should this "changed man" be killed on June 15th the senior graduation day?

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*Zena said...

I think that he shouldn't be killed! Being against the death penalty in the beginning might bias me just a bit, but if he truly was guilty and deserved such a drastic punishment such as the death penalty, why hadn't they done it earlier? The point of the death penalty isn't to torture, but it is to provide justice. I thin that in this case if he gets put to death than it will be senseless. 32 years is three decades. Why hadn't this been done before? Why were they doing it now? And don't they have better thing to worry about?